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Welcome to the Management information Systems website! Students can view course information, lab hours, and view course work websites. Please view information below on login instructions. For questions or suggestions email

MIS Internship

-The Management Information Systems Organization (MISO) -  An organization with students that share skills, talent and ideas that brings together technological awareness and milestone present in the world. The aim of this organization is to foster network with employees in the technology and business sector while creating opportunities for members via Professional training and volunteering activities. If you are interested in joining the MISO please Sign Up Now!

-DreamSpark offers professional developer and designer tools at no cost to current students.

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    Recently UHCL has experienced a lot of malware activity that was very detrimental. Due to this unfortunate event, email from to accounts have been stalled. Some emails are getting through after a delay and some are not getting through at all.

Homework submission and viewing information below:
-To submit homework/upload files; please download and install FileZilla on your machine.Click here for Filezilla FTP instructions.
-Students may click on "Forgot/Reset Password" link to reset or change Bus domain password.
-To view submitted files, click on the "Coursework" link on left and click on your instructor. A login prompt will come about. For user id type" Bus\Your Business domain account"(example:bus/studentx1234). Enter in your password and click "OK".

WordPress and MySQL information:
-Click for here for WordPress Documentation
-Click for here for MySQL Documentation
-Click for here for MySQL WorkBench Client connection instructions

Email for any questions.