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Welcome to the Management information Systems website! Students can view course information, lab hours, and view course work websites. Please view information below on login instructions. For questions or suggestions email

  • Due to Covid-19 concerns, please email for all MIS lab access (24hr in advanced).

  • For TA availability, please see course Blackboard page.

  • Remote access to the COB labs are availiable. Click on the Remote Access Lab link.

  • MIS TA Documentation (Fall 2021 Applicants)

    MIS Internship

    Apporto is UHCL new virtual computer environment service. This environment offers the ability to run specialized instructional/classroom software within an internet browser. Please click on the link below to login. (use blackboard credentials)

    -Microsoft Imagine site offers professional developer and designer tools at no cost to current students. Click link below:

    Homework submission and viewing information below:
    -To submit homework/upload files; please download and install FileZilla on your machine.Click here for Filezilla FTP instructions.
    -Students may click on "Forgot/Reset Password" link to reset or change Bus domain password.
    -To view submitted files, click on the "Coursework" link on left and click on your instructor. A login prompt will come about. For user id type" Bus\Your Business domain account"(example:bus/studentx1234). Enter in your password and click "OK".

    MySQL information:
    -Click for here for MySQL Documentation
    -Click for here for MySQL WorkBench Client connection instructions

    Email for any questions.