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Dr. Mohammad A. Rob, CAPM
Fundamentals of Programming
Course Syllabus: Summer 2017

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Introduction to VB Programming   Fundamentals of Programming
Creating Applications with Visual Basic   First VB Project
Variables and calculations; Conversion & Validation Functions ListBox Example; Another ListBox ; Input Validation
Making Decisions   Error Validation; Motel Charge:Try-Catch Example
Lists and Loops   Using Functions; Using Subroutines; Functions; Subroutines
Procedures and Functions   Do Loops with File; Using Modules;
Multiple Forms, Modules and Menus Multi-Form Example; Example-Two Try-Catch; Array & Class One; Menu & Multiple Forms
Arrays and More   Using Data Structure and File ;Array & Class Two
Files, Printing and Structures Reading Text Files; Reading, Writing & Structure with Files
Working with Databases Databases Database One; Database & Grid; MyStore: A Complete Project
Developing Web Applications Sample Web-Database Project Array & Class One; Array & Class Two; Class and FileRead
Classes, Collections and Inheritance   A SimpleClass Example
The Choice is Clear
Management Information Systems