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School of Business Lab Policies
  1. Upon request, users must show their valid UHCL ID card.
  2. No food, drink, or tobacco products or beverage containers are permitted in the labs.
  3. Save all data files on personal storage device. (MIS Database Lab).
  4. Users must not violate the privacy of other user's work, user files, disks, passwords, etc
  5. Violation of copyrights laws is prohibited. Unauthorized copying of software in the labs is prohibited. Any user without the express written approval of the originating source may not copy software, manuals, or other materials for any reason. No exceptions can be made. Loading or running outside software on lab computers is prohibited.
  6. Users' data files should be kept on their own disk.(MIS Programming/Open Lab)
  7. User is only allowed to utilize one computer at a time. No multiple log-on is permitted.
  8. MIS Labs do not assume responsibility for unauthorized access, exposure, or damage to data on any of the systems. Users are encouraged to back-up data files for self-protection. (Preferably every 10 minutes).
  9. The computers and software in the labs are to be used for course related assignments and educational purposes only and is not available for private or commercial use.
  10. Use of portable laptop computers is accepted in standalone mode; however, individuals are responsible for troubleshooting their own hardware and software difficulties.
  11. Connecting users' hardware to any lab printers, networks, or other peripherals is prohibited as is disconnecting lab equipment in order to use personal equipment.
  12. Laptop users may not occupy lab workstations.
  13. Use of lab scanners is limited to 30 minutes. (SSCB 3.201.01)
  14. (For Students taking a course in lab) Use of the printers is limited to the printing of two copies of final documents only. Documents are generally limited to 25 pages (large jobs should be sent in batches). If more than two copies of a document are needed, users should use copiers. Users should use the lab paper and cannot use their own paper. Print jobs such as Novels, Textbooks, Emails, entire Websites, Portion of Websites, References, Instruction Manuals, Copyrighted Work and other High Volume Documents will be cancelled without Notification. It's the discretion of the lab staff to decide on what is consider excessive and unnecessary printing. (No Printing during Open Lab Hours)
  15. No playing of games for entertainment is permitted. The Academic Computing Lab staff has the right to determine what constitutes an educational game. Viewing/printing of pornographic material is strictly prohibited.
  16. Talking should be kept to a minimum and at a low level.
  17. Users must not use abusive/foul language or exhibit disruptive behavior.
  18. One or two students per machine, with the exception of reserved teaching lab times for instructional purposes and group projects.
  19. Users should not leave their computer unattended more than 15 minutes.
  20. Users must not abuse the labs or equipment. If users have a problem with the equipment or a program, they should ask a TA for help.
  21. Users must check their workstation area before leaving. Lab staff is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items including student data disks and books. Valuables are taken to UHCL campus police.
  22. No posting of signs is allowed in the labs.
  23. Lab phones are available in the teaching labs for making on campus calls. Lab phones are for lab staff and faculty use only. Only calls of an Emergency nature from Campus Police will be forwarded to students.
  24. Cellular phones and pagers must be set to vibrate or turned off. If you need to use your cellular, user should step outside the lab.
  25. Pets are not allowed in the labs.
  26. Children are not allowed in the labs with the exception of special programs utilizing teaching labs.

Users are expected to comply with lab rules and policies. TA's are responsible for helping the student with course related questions, the security of the Computer Labs, the assignment of resources to individual users, and the enforcement of lab rules and policies. The TA's is not responsible for the creation of the policies outlined here, but is responsible for the enforcement of these policies. If questions or concerns about their conduct arise, please consult the Lab Specialist.