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Lecture Notes Presentations Chpater Extensions Review Questions
Principles of Information System Chapter 1 Chapter Extension 1 Chapter Extension 2 Chapter 1
Information Systems in Organizations Chapter 2 Chapter Extension 3   Chapter 2
Transaction Processing Systems Chapter 3 Chapter Extension 4 Chapter Extension 5 Chapter 3
Hardware: Input, Processing, and Output Devices Chapter 4 Chapter Extension 6 Chapter 4
Software: Systems and Application Software Chapter 5 Chapter Extension 7 Chapter Extension 8 Chapter 5
Telecommunications and Networks Chapter 6 Chapter Extension 9 Chapter 6
Organization of Data and Information Chapter 7 Chapter Extension 10 Chapter 7
The Internet, Intranets, and Extranets Chapter 8 Chapter Extension 11 Chapter Extension 12 Chapter 8
Electronic Commerce Chapter 9 Chapter Extension 13 Chapter 9
Management Information Systems Chapter 10 Chapter Extension 14 Chapter Extension 15 Chapter 10
Systems Development Life Cycle; CMM Chapter 11 Chapter Extension 16 Chapter Extension 17
  Chapter 12 Chapter Extension 18   Chapter 12
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