University of Houston UHCL Clear Lake Dr. Mohammad A. Rob, CAPM
Advanced Visual Basic Programming: Graduate

Fall 2014

Microsoft Certification Path, List of Certifications
Microsoft Certification Road Map

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA); MTA Pathway
MTA 98-361 Description; 98-361 Text
98-361 Samples: One; Two; Three; latest
MTA Frequently Asked Questions; Prometric Test Site

Certification Grading Criteria
TA Information: Tarun
Group Project: Outline of the Project Example Projects: Spring 2011
VB Tutorial: VB Tutorial Uploading Files: Using FTP to upload Files
Software Support: UHCL Software Password Reset: Password Reset

Sample Final Test

Background; Visual Basic Controls

Intro to Visual Basic Programming; Input and Output
Example-Date and Time Objects

Fundamentals of Programming
Problem Solving & Control Statements: Part One
Conversion and Validation Functions

First VB Project; Console ApplicationOne
Problem Solving & Control Statements: Part Two
Examples of Program Control
ListBox Example; ListBoxTwo;
Methods; Functions and Procedures Using Functions; Using Subroutines; Using Modules; Using ByReference; Error provider; Try-Catch
Arrays; Additional Array Information Array Example; Array & Class One
Handling Files; Additional File Handling Reading Text Files; Do Loops with File; Data Structure and File
Object-Oriented Concept; OO-Programming
Array & Class One; Array & Class Two; Class and FileRead
Concept of Array & LINQ  
Manipulating Databases with LINQ Examples & Databases; Chapter 12  
Overview of ADO.NET; Editing a Database MyStore: A Database Project; Connecting to Accdb Database
Adv. Web Development; ASP.NET Data Access Chapter 13 Sample ASP Page Web Page with Access Database; Inserting, Updating & Deleting Data
Windows Form GUI - A Deeper Look Loan Calculator Example
Exception Handling
Chapter 16
The Choice is Clear