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Dr. Mohammad A. Rob: Resume

Some of My Publications

         Electronic Payment

         E-Commerce Teaching

         IT Project Manager Disaster

         Rise and Fall of an E-Commerce Program

         The Management of Teaching IT Project Management

         Applications of Geographical Information Systems in Asthma Epidemiology

         Digital Technology

         Challenges of Integrating Spatial and Non-Spatial Data

         Career in Information Technology

         Structured Vs. Object-Oriented Methodology

         Security in Mobile Devices

         Teaching Systems Analysis and Design through Documentation Development

         Data Warehouse Case Development

         Dilemma Between Structured and Object-Oriented Design

         Description: MRobProject-Based Learning

         A Framework of Leading Towards Learning

         Project-Based Learning Across the MIS Curriculum

         Student Reflection in a Project Management Course

         Value of IT Certification

         Peparing a Systems Analyst

         IT Certification: Deman, Characteristics - CIIMA

         Software Size Estimation       

         Students Perception of Teaching MIS

        Intertwinted Relationship between Systems Design & Software Engineeering

        Systems Design versus Software Engineering

        Information Gems from Criminal Minds

        A Constructionist Approach of Blending SDLC with Project-Based Learning



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         Association for Computing Machinery

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